1.General provisions

1.1. These supply sale - purchase rules (hereinafter - The Rules) is binding on the Parties legal document that determines the Buyer's and Seller's rights, duties and responsibilities of the Buyer's data protection and procedures for the acquisition of goods to the Buyer, when they are purchased online.

1.2. Seller reserves the right at any time to change, edit or add Rules in the light of the statutory requirements or revised procedures and conditions for the sale. The Buyer is informed at the online shopping website. When buying online rules in force at the time of booking are applied.

1.3. Online shopping is available to:

1.3.1. cappable persons, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority, who are not limited to insanity in court;

1.3.2  minors from 14 to 18 years of age, only with a permission of parents or guardians, except when they dispose of their own income;

1.3.3. legal entities;

1.3.4.all of the above persons authorized representatives.

1.4. The Seller confirming The Rules as well as guarantees that, in accordance with The Rules 1.3. paragraph, the Buyer has the right to buy goods online.

1.5. The contract between the Buyer and Seller shall be considered concluded from the moment when the Buyer has formed an online store shopping cart, specified delivery address, choice of payment methods and familiar with the Seller Rules, clicks on the button "confirm order" (see. Chapter 5 "Ordering, pricing, billing procedures, terms”). The Buyer who has performed the following sequence also confirms that he falls to the persons entitled to purchase in the online store (Rules 1.3. paragraph) list.

1.6. Any contract concluded between the Buyer and Seller is protected in the online store.

2. Personal data protection and management

2.1. To order goods at the online store The Buyer may:

2.1.1. By registering in the online store – that means providing the necessary information required during registration.

2.2. The Buyer, when ordering goods, has to provide the required personal information in the fields submitted by The Seller: name, address, delivery address, phone number and e-mail (do not forget to enter your e-mail address, otherwise you will not receive notifications of receiving the order, order confirmation, and you will not be able to pay for the order).

2.3. Confirming these Rules, The Buyer agrees that the personal data provided for purchase (2.2. paragraph) would be processed in goods and services online store for The Seller performance analysis and direct marketing.

2.4. The Seller shall be entitled to collect and process personal data, given by The Buyer and, if necessary, to disclose it to third parties, wherever and whenever it is necessary for execution of the order, processing or Seller’s operational planning and analysis. The Seller also has the right to use the Buyer's personal data for advertising and information purposes within Sellers operational limits. Customer data can be used for sending information or other online shop activities only with the consent of The Buyer. In accordance with 1.5. paragraph of The Rules this performed legal agreement together allows the use of personal data for the purposes stated in these Rules.

2.5. By accepting The Buyer permits his personal data to be processed in good sand services of online retailer's store, The Buyer also agrees to get information via telephone and e-mail necessary for completing the order.

2.6. Data of buyers and visitors of the online store are protected from loss, unauthorized use and modification. Data storage devices are fully protected against third party access.

2.7. We monitor the site traffic statistics and analyze received information (number of visitors, what pages the visitor was directed from, etc.). The statistical information is obtained automatically by visiting our website. This information is used for internal company analysis, product range and better service quality.

3. Buyer's rights and obligations

3.1. The buyer has the right to buy goods online according to the other and Rules of the online store that are given here and on the website.

3.2. The buyer commits to accept the goods ordered and to pay the agreed price for them.

3.3. If the is a change in The Buyer data given during registration, the Buyer has to immediately update it.

3.4. The Buyer undertakes not to transfer his login information to third parties. If The Buyer loses the login data, he must immediately inform The Seller through the means indicated at the bottom of the website.

3.5. A buyer using the online store, agrees with these Rules and undertakes not to violate them and Lithuanian laws.

4. Seller's rights and obligations

4.1. The Seller agrees to create all conditions for the proper use of the online store services to The Buyer.

4.2. If The Buyer is trying to harm The Sellers online store stability and security or in breach of its obligations, The Seller shall be entitled to immediately and without notice to suspend or restrict The Buyers access to the online store or in extreme cases, eliminate the registration of the buyer and inform law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.3. The seller undertakes to respect the right to privacy of The Buyer and Buyers personal information, that is given in the registration form.

4.4. The Seller agrees to give The Buyer the goods purchased at the online store of The Seller.

4.5. In an important and unforeseen circumstances, The Seller may suspend or terminate the online store activities, without prior notification to The Buyer.

4.6. The Seller has the right without prior notice to The Buyer to cancel the order if The Buyer chooses the payment not in cash and does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) working days.

4.7. The Seller has the right to refuse a completed sale contract, if there are not enough goods ordered in the contract, as well as, if the contract was made by a person who on the basis of these Rules was not entitled to conclude it.

5. Ordering of goods, price, payment arrangements, terms

5.1. Buyers can purchase goods on online shop 24 hours, 7 days a week.

5.2. The contract comes into force from the moment when the Buyer clicks on the button "I confirm order" and The Seller confirms receipt of the order - The Seller sends a confirmation message to the Sellers email.

5.3. Prices of goods on online store and in formed order are given in euros, including VAT.

5.4. The buyer pays for the goods in one of the following ways:

5.4.1. The Buyer can pay using the “Paypal” or “Paysera” payment system that Buyer will be directed to your email. Banking or other payment methods. Also, The Buyer can pay using PayPal payment system.

5.4.2. Paying via bank transfer - a prior settlement when The Buyer makes a direct payment via his bank account to The Sellers account. In this case the security of the client’s data lies to the relevant bank’s e-banking system.

Registration code: 303592859 
VAT code: LT100009868719
Bank account: LT787300010142066404
Bank: Swedbank AB,
Bank code: 73000, SWIFT / BIC - HABALT22

5.5. The Buyer commits to pay for the goods immediately. Only upon receipt of payment for the goods according the invoice, the forming of the parcel begins and starts order delivery deadline.

5.6. Delivery charges are indicated separately.

6. Product quality, warranty.

6.1. Data of each product in online shop is given separately in product‘s description.

6.2. The Seller is not responsible for the online store the products of their color, shape and other parameters can not meet the actual size, shape and color of the buyer’s used monitor or display the characteristics.

7. Returns and exchanges

7.1. Return policy of goods.

8. Buyer and Seller liability

8.1. The Buyer is fully responsible for his given personal data correctness. If The Buyer does not provide true certain personal data in the registration form, the Seller shall not be liable for the ensuing consequences, and shall be entitled to claim from the buyer incurred direct damages.

8.2. The Buyer is responsible for the acts carried out by using this online store. If The buyer notices a bug in his order or wants to cancel the order, the buyer must immediately contact by phone +370 698 87006 and write message to info@ecoherbs.eu (The message must provide the buyer's name, an unique order number and nature of the problem).

8.3. The registered Buyers is responsible for transfer of their login information to third parties. If the third party is using Buyer’s login data to connect to online store, the Seller takes this person as The Buyer.

8.4. The Seller is released from any liability in cases where the loss arises from the fact that The Buyer regardless of the recommendations and obligations of The Buyer to get familiar with these rules, although such a possibility was given.

8.5. The online store contains links to other companies, organizations or individuals websites. Seller is not responsible for the information contained therein or activities, The Seller does not monitor and control over those companies and individuals represented.

8.6. In the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party for direct losses.

9. Marketing and information

9.1. The Seller has the right to initiate various campaigns and discounts in online shop.

9.2. The Seller has the right to unilaterally, without prior notice, to change the terms of the campaigns and discounts, as well as remove them. Any changes of the conditions and procedures for campaigns and discounts are valid forward, i.e. from the moment of their execution.

9.3. The Seller sends all the messages to the email address provided by The Buyer.

9.4. The Buyer provides all the messages and questions to the merchant via e-mail given in the bottom of the online Store or via given phone number.

9.5. The Seller is not responsible if the buyer does not get sent information or supporting posts cause of the internet connection, e-mail service providers or network disruption.

10. Final guidelines

10.1. These rules agrees compliance with the Lithuanian Republic legislation.

10.2. UAB “AMICI NATURAE” has the right partly or completely change the Rules of this notice posting them on the online store https://www.ecoherbs.eu.

10.3. Rule additions or modifications are effective from the date of their publication, i.e. from the date on which they are posted on the online store.

10.4. If the Seller continues using online store services after Rule changes, it is considered that The Buyer agrees with the new Rule redaction.

10.5. All disputes arising in respect of the implementation of these Rules shall be resolved by negotiation. In case of failure the disputes are solved according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


Updated 2020-04-04