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Micro-air essential oil nebulizer.



For home, office or any other room up to 100 square meters. Essential oil diffuser will give the opportunity to enjoy natural aromatherapy benefits.

Moreover, this diffuser performs oil vaporization in a cold way, this means that the oil is not heated, so it retains all its valuable characteristics.

Can you imagine the way this diffuser and the aromas emanating can enrich any celebration of family or friends, any party or business meeting?

Flawless diffuser requires self-worth aroma compositions that can rise emotional state of people in effective area, easing negative emotions or helps to focus in process and reach the desired result.


Meet with blends of natural essential oils within different compositions and bright flavors! Their diversity allows everyone to choose his own flavor and the desired effect. The positive effects of essential oils to humans have been proven by Science many years ago! Natural aromatherapy - the fastest way to help yourself. Couse of anatomy of smell, composite elements of essential oils in a lightning speed fall into our cells, regenerates them and also quickly retreats away from them. The sense of smell - most powerful and accurate human sense of all senses. So it is worth to remember looking up for additional source of motivation, energy and optimism. Olfaction, the sense of smell, is a powerful sense linked to overall health.

These delicate blends of essential oils are good for arousing positive feelings and inhibiting negative ones. Scents stimulates good mood, effects on productivity, internal vigor, concentration and attention – all you need for a successful day. In set with a nebulizer you can select one of the three essential oil blends.

Composition nr. 1.
Grapefruit and ylang-ylang essential oil blend – tonic for good emotions, dedicated for increasing optimism, attention and concentration improvement.

Composition nr. 2.
Orange, tangerine and ylang-ylang essential oil blend – for refreshment and harmony experience. Bright aroma notes, is believed dedicated to arouse positive experiences. Also are known as aid to overcome negative emotions and is valued for its soothing properties.

Composition nr. 3.
Lemon and lavender essential oils and black currant aromas are well known for a wide range of effects in aromatherapy. They are used to induce positive experience, it is easier to cope with stress and recover from the illness, also to overcome fatigue and increase self-confidence.


This professional and modern essential oil nebulizer was produces according to our special order. You will have 3 different essential oil compositions. The kit includes a USB power cord and power adapter. In aid of USB power cord, the diffuser can be connected USB port of PC or other device. There are detailed instructions for use included.


Size: L x W x H (82 mm x 82 mm x 118mm).
Weight: about 360 g.
Power In: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz.
Power out: DC 5 V 0.6 A.
Length of power cord: about 1,8 m.
Effective area : 100 square meters.
Material: aluminium alloy, PP, ABS.
Accessory: AC adaptor. USB cable, user manual and empty essential oil bottle.

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