VALERI N1 male parfume

    VALERI N1 male
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    Luxury fragrance from attars for every man who wants to emphasize their masculinity and always achieve victory in personal life.


    One of the most luxuriuos and most unique agarwood attar, entwined with tobacco absolute, sal tree, Royal jasmine, Roman chamomile and other selected attars and essential oils, elevates mood, improves vitality, rises self-confidence and provides a pleasant sense of comfort. This fragrance is suitable for every male who wants to emphasize their masculinity and always achieve victory in personal life.

    The luxurious attars and essential oils from India.

    Worthy of you aroma and packaging, as well as the accompanying positive emotional wave! Fragrance VALERI N1 is bottled in luxury K9 crystal bottles with 3D engraving, packed in handmade boxes made by a special order.

    With a glass dispenser tap pulsating areas of the body (wrists, neck) with a drop of fragrance, then gently rub into the skin. Amaze nearby noses by the unique scent.

    AMOUNT: 5 ml.



    Perfumes labeled with Valerijus Rudzinskas monogram, are created from luxurious attars, precious and unique aroma essential oils. Their breath - like a harmonious symphony covering the sky and the earth. Perfume dispels any shadows, immerses into the sea of blooming blossoms or takes away to distant lands and immersive mountains, where age lasting history of scents unlocks its secrets. The next moment the scent of the ocean waves or scent of the dew on the grass, welcoming the sun reaches you. Unique aroma inspires to go the along way of inner harmony. This perfume - like a playful seductive secret which may be unriddled personally and for reward rejoiced in the heart.

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