Products in capsules

Encapsulated food powders of various plants are designed to supplement your diet with various nutritions. Healthy and comfortable use. The capsules are made from plant-based materials, so fits great for vegans

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Exceptional Quality Organic Teas

To our customers we offer exceptional quality teas are made in Lithuania. The raw material for these teas is grown in the ecological herbal farm of the Full House Community in the Dzukija National Park. Hand-picked herbs are dried and prepared in a dryer powered by solar energy. All of them you'll find here ->

Herbal Tea Blends

Single Herb Teas

At our store you can find lots of teas made from single herb. Some of them can be used as spice. All the herbs are cultivated in organic farm or harvested in certified meadows and forest.

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Discover Diversity of Organic Spices

We recommend to our customers to immerse themselves in the world of organic spices and prepared seasoning blends that have not yet been discovered. You can find even 13 separate mixtures on our shelf for all yours culinary masterpieces. All spice herbs are grown in organic farm in the Dzukija National Park of Lithuania. All of the seasoning blend you will find here ->

Seasoning Blends

Spice Herbs

Spice blends and herbs are grinded into powder, making it easy to use for cooking. For exceptional needs you can also find few spice herbs that are grown on the organic farm or collected in certified meadows and forestr. These are clean and high quality dried herbs.

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For us it is important that the customer receive high-quality goods.

Full house communnity's herbal farm

Following to old traditions of monastic orders, the community established an ecological farm of herbs and potherbs. The community aims to revive handicraft which was fostered for centuries.

Product of the national park of Dzukija

The product trademark of Dzukija national park ensures that a customer purchases an authentic product produced in the protected territory of the national park. Farm activity does not violate protected values and manufactures products appropriate to the ethnographic region.